A Request For my Readers

Book sales are very poor. It didn't help that "conservatives" effectively black-listed me in 2012 without cause. At one point papers were asking for more material. Then, without any explantion, it all stopped. And all inquiries were ignored.

That's like something the Left would do. Conservatives should have nothing to do with such moral evil.

Would you do me a favor and write to the conservative radio programs like Rush, Glen Beck, etc. as well as your local talk radio stations?

I need the airtime to get the message out.

Many thanks.

Proposed: Song of Solomon Film

New Project:

How Did Hanford Nuclear Reservation Affect You or Your Family or Friends?


New Project:

Affirmative Action Horror Stories

Having been the "beneficiary" of affirmative action more than 1500 times, I'm asking for your stories of affirmative action.

I'm looking for two types of stories:

1. Where a person is not hired because they are white and/or male. And what resulted.

2. Where a person is hired for a job who is partially or completely unqualified, having been hired only for race and/or gender. And what resulted.

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Ruth is a novelization of the Bible's Book of Ruth. The book follows Ruth, a woman of Moab, as she loses her Israelite husband and she returns with her mother-in-law Naomi back to Israel.

What awaits Ruth there?

Set in ancient Persia in the years just before Xerxes' disastrous invasion of Greece, Esther is based on the Bible's Book of Esther. It is the story of how the Lord placed a woman in the right place at the right time to save Israel from a man bent on genocide of Israel.

Song of Solomon

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National Wave of Foolishness

National Wave of Foolishness, Volume 2

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National Wave of Foolishness, Volume 2 is free to download

Global Warming Challenged                  Jacob's Trouble, the Gathering Storm

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Funny or Cute Wildlife Stories

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