What IS Socialism?

There's been a lot of revisionist history and ignorance of history and government types in the last 15 years or so.

You read and hear terms like "Soviet", "Nazi", "Marxist", "Communist", "Socialist", "Fascist", "Maoist", and so on, but it's clear that the writer/speaker does not really know the history behind those terms.

But what are they?

No one in the mainstream media today seems to know what the terms actually mean, as evidenced by their generally improper usage of the terms. Nor do most conservative media. Nor do most laymen.

Many college professors now deliberately change their meanings to make their own evil philosophies more palatable.

So what are these terms? What did they mean before revisionist history became the norm in our colleges and media?

For starters, Communism, National Socialism, International Socialism, Parliamentary Socialism, Maoism, and Fascism, are all variants of the basic theme of Socialism.

What is Socialism?

Karl Marx originated a government, social, and religious system (while claiming atheism) in the 1800s that effectively enfranchises the worst parts of Human evil, from greed and powerlust, to murder. Marx used the terms "Socialism" and "Communism."

Different groups and "strongmen" came up with their own varieties of Socialism. That is where the variants ranging from Nazism to today's International Socialism come from.

Socialism is predicated upon the idea that the individual Human life has no value.

Life literally has no value under Socialism, as it's "the masses" and "the State" that are what matters under Socialism. Under "pure" Socialism, the individual human has no rights, nor responsibilities, nor value, nor hopes, nor dreams, being reduced to being merely a cog in the State's machines.

When a person has no value, then it's Lenin's idea of "you don't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs" as a damnable "justification" for the mass murder, starvation, and terrorizing of his citizens.

Socialism is also predicated upon Human laziness, the desire for "something for nothing", both by the Socialist government and by the individual worker. This was best expressed in the waning days of the Soviet Union where workers had a saying "we pretend to work and they pretend to pay us." Workers and farmers got the same lack of reward for work and so most workers and farmers sat on their collectivized butts. There is no incentive to work hard and every attempt to better ones' self is rebuffed under Socialism.

It perhaps should be no surprise that the idea of stealing from some groups and "giving" the booty to one or more other groups is typical of Socialism.

Because no one received reward for hard work, starvation was frequent under Socialism. (This was finally improved when the Soviet government finally allowed private plots in the 1980s, and it wasn't long before the majority of food was grown by about 5% of the land.) Consumer goods were in short supply or nonexistent. Consumer goods were often garbage, being produced by those who cared little or nothing because they had no stake in them, despite producing them.

In Socialism, the State takes the place of God. The despotic leaders (Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Metaxis, Pol Pot, etc) also take the place of God, and as so many have proven over the centuries, man is not God.

Not even close. Lenin's ultimate destiny is the Lake of Fire spoken of in the Bible. Imagine having around 8 million deaths on his conscience when he is judged before the Lord at the White Throne Judgement.

Socialism, even as it killed millions and kept the remainder in poverty, makes fantastic claims about meeting Human needs and about progress, but has never delivered upon its promises. The "worker's paradise" never appeared.

Socialism appeals to those who love power for its own sake. It appeals to those who want to be rich without working. It appeals to those who want to control others.

Socialism appeals to those who reject God. Socialism often sounds good to the person who has abandoned Biblical morality, such as do not steal, do not murder, and love your neighbor as yourself. A Socialist can act like the most bestial of beasts, but can claim it's "for the greater good."

Truth has no value in a Socialist nation. Indeed, the truth is feared and suppressed ruthlessly in a Socialist state. And in a Socialist nation, where the press and speech are rigidly controlled, no one is allowed to argue with the evils that happen— there is no accountability for evil in the Socialist system.

Some of our Democrat ideologues have expressed the desire for a Socialist "revolution" in the last 3 years. That is scary stuff. Those pushing Socialist "revolution" would not like the results of such a "revolution"— it's not likely that any of them would be the "big wheels" that they assume that they would be. Vladimir* Ilych Lenin called such enthusiastic fools "useful idiots" because so many of those supporting his ideas were indeed fools— most didn't truly know what they were advocating, but were passionately supporting it nonetheless. Lenin disposed of them, either because they were so stupid as to be useless once Lenin took power, or because they were potentially "too dangerous" to Lenin. They were shot, sent to Siberia, or exiled.

Even the canny didn't fare much better— most of them tended to be against the Socialists, and so they were expended, too. Sent to Siberia or worse.

Other Socialist despots did the same, to one extent or another. Leon Trotsky managed to escape to Mexico after Lenin died, but was killed by Stalin's assassins. Ernst Röhm, the head of the Spezial Abteilung, or SA, was killed, despite being a personal friend of Hitler. The SA was instrumental in bringing Hitler to power, and many of the SA were killed or imprisoned to break the SA's power. Most of the Red Army's officers, from Marshals to Lieutenants, were killed or sent to Siberia during Stalin's purges of the 1930s. They were replaced with those perceived to be loyal to Stalin. This replacement of skilled and trained military with "reliable" goons helped made an attack on the Soviet Union attractive to Hitler. The Chinese killed 30 million each in the Chinese Civil War, The Great Leap Forward, and the Cultural Revolution. From purges and starvation.

One wonders if the deliberate replacement of the skilled and educated in Federal Civil Service with the incompetent— President Clinton changed the way Federal employees were hired in 1993— was designed to make for a group loyal to the Democrat Party. There has never been a time like now in Federal Civil Service where incompetence was its dominant characteristic. There was no reason why the competent couldn't have been hired, but those who didn't have the required degrees and/or experience were deliberately hired, time and time again. At the same time, those people who knew how to do their jobs were "retired early", laid off, or fired, the result being few competents to train new persons entering Civil Service.

What are Fascists?

The Fascists were the National Socialist Party in Italy. (Their name "Face of Socialism", is where we get the name "Fascist" from.). In 1923, Italy became the first National Socialist nation. Later, Fascism became synonymous with Nazism. Fascism, despite being redefined, were National Socialists.

Other nations followed. Germany, Rumania, Finland, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, and Albania. Ironically, Germany eventually becoming National Socialist was facilitated not just by the Versailles treaty, but particularly by the the French after WWI. The Germans fell behind in their war reparations payments and the French invaded the Ruhr in 1923. The French stole much of the industrial output of the Germans, using the payments as an excuse, and wrecked the German economy in the process. (Funny how the history books I read in public school mentioned the incredible inflation of the period, but not why it happened. It was a British history book where I first read of the French invasion, something completely left out of the books we read in junior high and high school.) It should perhaps not be a surprise that when the French surrendered in 1940, Hitler had the railcar where the Treaty of Versailles had been signed used as the location for the 1940 French surrender. The Germans wanted vengeance on the French and that had helped allow the Nazis to take power. Without that desire for vengeance for the wrongs of Versailles, without that desire for vengeance for economic disaster at the hands of the French, the Weimar Republic might well have endured and WWII averted.

The German Workers Party, a Communist party, changed its designation to the NSDAP in 1919. Called "National Socialists" and "Nazis" elsewhere. Due to ~50% unemployment, Germany would vote in the National Socialists in 1932. In 1934 President Hindenburg died and Hitler assumed his powers. After that, it was a spiral into the drain.

Rumania, Hungary, Albania, Finland, Bulgaria, and Greece all adopted National Socialism, and when the war broke out, with the exception of Greece (which still celebrates "ochi day" or "No Day," when Metaxis told Hitler "no") they formed the "minor Axis" powers. All had dictators.

So, what are the "Planks of the Communist Manifesto"?

All types of Socialism incorporate some group of Marx' Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto. It's one of the few ways to tell them apart, given their similar methodologies, ideologies and their lack of belief in the value of Human life.

First Plank— Abolition of private property rights and the application of all resulting “rents” from “using” the land to public purposes.

Second Plank— A heavy progressive/graduated income tax.

Third Plank— Abolition of all inheritance rights.

Fourth Plank— Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.

Fifth Plank— Centralization of credit by the state by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.

Sixth Plank— Centralization of the means of communications and transportation in the hands of the State.

Seventh Plank— Factories and and other production to become owned by the State. Cultivation of waste lands and the improvement of the soil in accordance with a common plan.

Eighth Plank— Equal rewards of all who work. Establishment of industrial “armies”, particularly for agriculture.

Ninth Plank— Combination of agriculture with manufacturing, abolition of the distinction between town and country, for a more equitable distribution of population over a country.

Tenth Plank— Free public school education** for all children.

Since the Planks have more than one effect/idea, the numbers for different groups are often in fractions. For example, both Republican and Democrats agree with the first third of the 9th Plank because mechanization and food processing is what happens to agriculture with technological advancement, whether it's a free market system or a socialist system. Conversely, by trying to force high density, the Democrats are not following the remaining two thirds of the 9th Plank.

Start counting them up: Soviets: 8.17- 8.83.

National Socialists: 6.67.

Republicans 2012 platform: 2.17.

Democrats 9.0. Prior to 2012 platform: varied widely depending upon which person and which group.

Libertarian platform: 0.5.

E.U.: 9.0 (Parliamentary Socialism)

Canada: 9.0 (Also Parliamentary Socialism)

National Wave of Foolishness, Volume 1, in checking off which Planks (and portions of planks) have been adopted into Democrat ideology/actions, states about the Ninth Plank:

"Ninth Plank— Combination of agriculture with manufacturing, abolition of the distinction between town and country, for a more equitable distribution of population over a country. No Check. Despite being in an evil document like the Ten Planks, the first part of this plank is not evil, as agriculture normally becomes mechanized and with food processors like canneries, frozen food processors, dairy processors, cheese factories, meat packers and so on. Democrats have largely abandoned agriculture. Oregon's loss of so much agricultural capacity is an example." (USDA reports almost a half million acres of cropland went out of production from 2002 to 2007 in Oregon. That's a lot of food not being grown.)

The second part of the Ninth Plank is also a surprise in that a spread-out population has some major advantages, i.e., it's surprising that there is anything even remotely practical in the Manifesto given its typical evil, but this part of the Ninth Plank actually makes sense from the perspectives of low density being much cheaper than high density per person in lower costs, less pollution per person, less materials used per person, less complexity in utilities, and so on. Cities are incredibly inefficient per person in the amounts of energy and materials per person, and mass transit is a tremendous waste of human productivity, typically wasting hours of time of each rider every work day. But guess what? In their desire for property taxes, their contempt for the individual, and their desire to control every action of a person, the Democrats have been pushing the opposite via "high density" despite high density's much greater expense per person, greater crime rates, and much greater difficulty in building transportation systems, water systems, sewer systems, gas delivery systems, data systems, and electrical systems.

The Left

The Soviets and National Socialists seem similar to you? That is because the main differences between the two were 1. The level of economic control— the Nazis controlled key industries and banks under a plan of nationalization with IG Farben, BMW, Krupp, etc.. The GM, Chrysler, and bank nationalizations enacted by the Democrat Party of the United States are the same concept. The Nazis mostly left smaller businesses to be managed by their proprietors and boards.The Soviets controlled EVERTYHING economic from start to finish, from mining and industry to the street level, and 2. National Socialism incorporated ideas from Nietzsche, such as the "overman," not just Marxist ideas.

The National Socialists killed 40 to 50 million. The Communists killed between 100 and 250 million. From murder, starvation, "accidental" deaths resulting from a criminal disregard for life— such as the 5% casualty rate the Soviets had for military training in the 1980s and the 30% casualty rate for its space program, lack of ordinary medical care, and so on. If you add the several hundred million killed by abortion to the totals, then the number is at least doubled and maybe tripled—400+ million abortions and infanticides in China alone, from the One Child Only policy. The Communists killed more than the National Socialists simply because they had more years to kill people.

Today's person who didn't live under Communism and National Socialism has no idea what slavery and mind-control really were. Indeed, it's the ultimate in thoughtlessness for someone to complain about slavery four or five generations ago to a person who lived in slavery, many of whom now live in the U.S.

There is a tendency today to incorrectly call Nazis "right-wing." This is a deliberate deception by our mainstream media. History books written before the 1990s were very clear on who was who. All types of Socialism were once considered "Left" and still should be. That is because of their common history, their common methodologies, and their common types of government. Calling the National Socialists as "right-wing" from around 2000 on is a deliberate misleading by the mainstream media to attempt to link those persons, groups, and parties who oppose Socialism— such as Conservatives and Christians— to National Socialism. Despite there being very little in common by the "right" with Socialism of any type.

However, if you even try to mention that fact, you are simply ignored by the mainstream media. It's part of the systematic "rewriting" of history that Socialists have traditionally done. The truth is hated by the Left. That is because truth is the one thing that Socialism cannot withstand.

That hate of truth is why Christianity was systematically destroyed in Socialist nations, from Germany to Russia. It is under vicious attack in the U.S., Canada, and the E.U. today.

This hatred of truth is why teaching in the U.S. became indoctrination, rather than teaching a young person how to be a productive citizen with skills in reading, math, science, history, government, citizenship, and so on. Teachers from the mid 1990s on were frequently less educated than the high school students of the 1980s.

That hatred of truth is why the mainstream media is controlled and manned by the Socialists— those who wanted to eliminate the truth systematically changed the mainstream media, from buying up media to changing journalism in college from a serious degree of "reporting the news" to one mostly characterized by parties, alcohol, and fornication, than reporting and writing the truth of a matter. (I saw what journalism students were typically like in college, so don't write me on that. The other students didn't call it a "party degree" for nothing.)

National Socialism and the Democrat Party

There are are not many differences between the ideology of 1919 to 1945 National Socialism in Europe and the ideology of the modern Democrat Party, but here are four differences:

1. The Democrats are not for a single ethnic group, as opposed to the German Nazis being for Germans, Greek National Socialists being for Greeks, Hungarian National Socialists for Hungarians, etc. The Democrats have no real loyalty to a particular group. If a group they support rejects them, they reject that group and pick another to favor with grants, extra rights under the law, etc, in order to get their votes. When a group becomes less useful to Democrats, they pick another to favor: think it's any surprise that Mexican Nationals are now advocated by Democrats for all sorts of public money, with the result that many groups that have traditionally voted Democrat who used to receive goodies en masse no longer receive as much attention from the Democrat Party? Extreme examples of that are the Eugenics Laws, the PPACA and HCERA, which divert much of the health care from the Boomers and older generations (many of whom voted to put the Democrats in office), and gives "free" health care to Mexican Nationals living in the U.S.

2. The Democrats want full control over the economy, not just the key industries and banks. This is what the Communists of the Soviet Union did, controlling every aspect of the economy except the black market. This desire to control the economy is evidenced by the last 20+ years of activist, arbitrary and capricious laws/regulations, and equally activist, arbitrary and capricious taxes on business and individuals, that resulted in the Second Great Depression that began in 2009. The National Socialists of Germany controlled the steel industry, the automotive industry, banking, and a number of other key industries that were crucial to them such as the industries concerning the military, from ball bearings to ammunition to aerospace, but for the most part they did not directly control small businesses.

3. The Democrats push immorality of all sorts in order to gain votes and to break down the moral fabric of the nation. Divide and conquer. The attempt to make 200+ sexual deviancies into minorities with 2009 H.R. 1913 is symptomatic of this. The Nazis, while their upper ranks were filled with all sorts of "alternative lifestyles," ranging from "just living together" out of wedlock, to homosexuality and bestiality, the NSDAP leadership was smart enough to realize that most Germans didn't much like the 1920s "fast and furious" immorality of some of the cities in Europe and the U.S that produced the first true pornographic movies and published many pornographic books. The Nazis publicly dissuaded such alternative lifestyles while living them privately— until the waning years of the war, when they pushed having kids out of wedlock in a ridiculous effort to boost the population.

Realizing the public's disdain for the excesses of the 1920s, the Nazis burned 1920s pornography in bonfires and this deception largely worked. People in desperate straights thought a "new Germany" that was cleaned up from the "rot" of the 1920s was at hand. Even some religious leaders were fooled, but despite yet more revisionist history of the last two years to the contrary, those in the Christian church generally didn't support the Nazis, particularly when what the Nazis were became plain by the late 1930s.

The Nazis and Democrats have a similar hate for God. If the Democrats politicians thought they would gain similar support from it I doubt they would hesitate to burn Bibles, Christian books, and Christian and Jewish religious items in bonfires such as crosses and menorahs. Indeed, I expect it to happen on at least a small scale in the near future. Many Democrats already falsely blame Christians and Jews for what the Democrats themselves have done.

4. The National Socialists restored an economy that had ~50% unemployment by picking the best economic minds that they could find. The Democrats have systematically destroyed the economy in order to make people dependent and thus to increase their voting base. After 20 years of "free trade" and other policies that denuded our industry and then other sectors of the economy, approximately 50% of those who can work are not taking part in the U.S. economy because of the lack of work. The Great Depression had around 22% unemployment at its nadir, by comparison. (Please note that it's impossible to have exact numbers due to the nature of unemployment, both in the 1930s and now.)

(I'm certain at this point that there are those out there that even now complain about such comparisons, because the Democrats haven't been actively killing people like the Nazis did. The Nazis did not do so at first, either. They consolidated their power for some years before the killing began.)

The German public welcomed the Nazis because they brought jobs and appeared to be bringing back pre-1920s morals. Evils like the concentration camps eventually appeared, but only long after the public had been gulled and the Nazis power had become absolute. Despite the revisionist claim that the German public and Wehrmacht all knew what was going on, it was actually quite easy to keep general knowledge of Nazi excesses from the public as communications were controlled by the Nazi Party. The Soviets did the same, with most information withheld from the public. While everyone knew what being sent to Siberia meant, few knew what it really meant in terms of lives being squandered, with the Russians today estimating that Stalin killed between 25 and 50 million of his own people in purges, starvation, and what amounts to recreational murder.

Is the American public better informed? Some of them are, but at least half of them choose to filter the information they receive to only that which they want to believe. Consider that the PPACA and HCERA contain many of Hitler's and Sanger's Eugenics ideas. But many Democrats welcome it, because it's "something for nothing", i.e. "free" health care. Never mind how many Americans would die needlessly under PPACA/HCERA, particularly the elderly.

Those deaths would ultimately be all for votes, since the Democrat constituencies would get first crack at healthcare.

I note that I pulled my donor status when Oregon changed its priorities to Mexican Nationals instead of the prior basis of need for organ transplants— they didn't use those terms in their statements, but it was clear whom they meant to favor. That idea of organ donations for votes is as barbaric as it gets.

Despite knowing what they are doing, how many complain when Democrats are called "communist" or "socialist"?

If a party adopts National Socialist ideas, what does that make them? If a party adopts Communist ideas, what does that make them?

*Why Lenin changed his name and what "lenin" means is subject to historic debates. It is of interest that he chose "Vladimir", meaning "power of the East" for his first name. Stalin chose "Stalin", Molotov chose "hammer", etc. Why Hitler's father changed his name from Schickelgrüber to Hitler is apparently lost to history, with several theories.

**Indoctrination, not "education." Public school education was already becoming common before Marx wrote his book series. The U.S. has mostly made this transition from education to indoctrination.

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